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[New Feature] ‘General Ledger’ & ‘Trading Portfolio Management Models’ Are Now Available!


We are excited to introduce to you two new features – ‘General Ledger’ and ‘Trading Portfolio Management Models’!

1. General Ledger

The ‘General Ledger’ allows users to record and monitor any related transactions in their portfolio. Any inflows and outflows related to their portfolio can be captured in the ‘General Ledger’, allowing users to add, edit, delete and view their transactions – all in one table.

Manage your portfolio transactions with ease with our ‘General Ledger’!

The ‘General Ledger’ feature is available under the ‘Portfolio’ section.

Try it out today and allow MAF Cloud to organise large volumes of portfolio proceeds for you!

For more information, please refer to General Ledger for a detailed user guide.

2. Trading Portfolio Management Models

6 new ‘Trading Portfolio Management Models’ are now available in the ‘Dashboard’:

These models would provide you with a variety of tools to visualise, obtain data on, and present the performance of your portfolio.

View your portfolio’s equity and returns charts in the ‘Dashboard’, and find out how you stack up against market benchmarks!


Our models further provide a summary statistics of your portfolio – at a glance!

Discover what these portfolio functionalities can do for you in MAF Cloud today!

For more information, please refer to Trading Portfolio Management Models for a detailed user guide.

If you have any queries, please drop us an email at and we’ll get in touch shortly.

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