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[Insights] Trading Portfolio Management Suite


In case you missed it – We have recently released 6 new ‘Trading Portfolio Management Models’! They will complement our existing quantitative models to enhance your portfolio analysis capabilities!


Fresh in MAF Cloud:

Portfolio Total Equity Model

“How big is my fund?” View changes to your portfolio’s total equity here!

Please refer to Portfolio Total Equity Model (and General Ledger) for more information.





Portfolio Return Model

Present the profits/losses of your portfolio at a glance!

Please refer to Portfolio Return Model for more information.





Portfolio VAMI Series Model

If an investor placed $1000 in your portfolio from the outset, how much would he/she have by now?

Find out more with our Portfolio VAMI Series Model!

Please refer to Portfolio VAMI Series Model for more information.




Portfolio Performance Table

“How is my portfolio doing?”

Find out your performance statistics and how you compare against market benchmarks here!

Please refer to Portfolio Performance Table for more information.



Portfolio Statistics Table

Slice and dice your portfolio data with our Portfolio Statistics Table – a favourite for number-crunchers!

Please refer to Portfolio Statistics Table for more information.



Portfolio Monthly Return Table

Watch your portfolio grow from month-to-month with our Portfolio Monthly Return Table!

Please refer to Portfolio Monthly Return Table for more information.




Tried-and-Trusted Classics:

Value at Risk Model

How much can your portfolio potentially lose (or make) in 1 day? Use our Value at Risk Model to estimate your risk exposure!

Please refer to Value at Risk (VaR) Model for more information.





Correlation Matrix Model

Will your portfolio’s assets move together or cancel each other’s risks during market swings? Find out with our Correlation Matrix!

Please refer to Correlation Matrix Model for more information.




Portfolio Allocation Model

Have your portfolio’s asset allocation at your fingertips!

Please refer to Portfolio Allocation Model for more information.




Portfolio Grid

Juggling multiple portfolios? Fret not. View your overall financial positions and risk exposure easily with our Portfolio Grid!

Please refer to Portfolio Grid for more information.


Position Matrix

Does your portfolio contain sophisticated strategies and spreads? You can now manage your positions easily with our Position Matrix!

Please refer to Position Matrix for more information.



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