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5 Mins to Managing Your Paper & Physical Trading Books’ Settlement and Risks with MAF Cloud!


With MAF Cloud, commodity trading businesses can seamlessly integrate the front, middle and back office activities to manage their physical commodities trading transactions, cargo & vessel operations and shipping logistics efficiently. The lifecycle of physical trades and deals can be monitored closely, beginning from the contractual and execution phase to the risk monitoring and settlement phase. This allows you and your team to collaborate on trade contracts and manage your paper and physical trading books/portfolios, and monitor their performance, positions, settlement and risks exposure according to your business requirements efficiently.

The features include:

  • Capturing, recording and monitoring of physical trades, deals, trade executions and pricing strategies
  • Providing auto-calculations of P/L positions and inventory management
  • Performing hedging through paper trades to mitigate associated risks
  • Organising and managing of paper and physical trades in portfolios to monitor P/L positions and exposures
  • Generating of quantitative analysis models such as Position Matrix and VaR model to monitor portfolio performance and risks

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