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MAF Demurrage Management Suite – Feature #10: Store Files Conveniently


New Feature – MAFSpace

One-Stop Platform for Demurrage Claims & Supporting Documents

MAFSpace allows you to conveniently and securely access and store files for each demurrage claim, and share the files with your group members in MAF Cloud.

Features & Benefits:

  • One-Stop Platform: Access, manage and store each claim and its supporting documents directly in MAF Cloud, eliminating the need to maintain external storage separately.

  • Cloud-Based Solution: Access all claims and uploaded files anytime and anywhere on any smart device.

  • View Feature: View contents of uploaded files directly in MAF Cloud for easier reference and convenience.

  • Collaboration Tool: Claims and uploaded files can be shared and accessed by group members.

  • Data Security: Encrypted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology with auto-backup of up to 30 days.

Fig 1. Access MAFSpace for each claim.

Fig 2. Store and manage folders & files for each claim.

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