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MAF Cloud is a comprehensive and cost-effective one-stop Energy/Commodity Trading and Risk Management (ETRM/CTRM) solution which empowers professionals to manage their energy/commodity trading business and operations efficiently. Leverage our comprehensive features, database and visualisation tools now to empower your operations, and anticipate and manage risks in your day-to-day business! Embrace MAF Cloud to get smarter analysis and insights, uncovering opportunities like never before!

Powerful Features

Smart Dashboard - Quantitative Models/Reports

Smart Dashboard - Quantitative Models/Reports

Provide a wide variety of customisable quantitative models and reports equipped with interactive visualisation tools and customisable layouts. Now you can analyse and monitor your portfolio performance, positions and risks exposure according to management's requirements with ease!

Paper & Physical Trades Management

Paper & Physical Trades Management

Integrate the front, middle and back office activities to manage your paper and physical trading books/portfolios, and monitor their performance, positions, settlement and risks exposure according to your business requirements efficiently.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Manage overall performance of the individual or combination of your paper and physical trading books/portfolios at multiple levels according to your business needs, strategies and hierarchy. Trade positions, profit and loss and risks can now be easily derived, analysed and monitored!

Market & Product Data Integration

Market & Product Data Integration

Auto-update and integrate data (market data, metadata, trade data etc.) directly from multiple exchange sources, brokers and third-party data vendors. Now you can say 'goodbye' to manual integration!

User & Group Management

User & Group Management

Create groups, manage access to features and assign roles to different users, allowing greater control over the sharing and management of data across your team(s)!

Demurrage & Other Claims Management

Demurrage & Other Claims Management

Provide a set of monitoring and auto-calculation tools to manage your physical trades and shipping logistics where demurrage and other claims are incurred. This enables management and collaboration on trade contracts to be more efficient and effective.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Instant Accessibility

    Securely log into MAF Cloud on any device and access your data or quantitative models anytime, anywhere.

  • Flexible Deployment Options

    MAF Cloud can be deployed in cloud or on-premise depending on your preference.

  • Seamless Integration

    Our RESTful APIs enable you to customise and integrate MAF Cloud into your in-house and third-party systems. Create an ecosystem that you love!

  • Flexible & Scalable

    Start small and scale up to enterprise solutions at affordable rates.

Anyone can be a Quantitative Analyst ("Quantist")!

Portfolio Stress Test

Quantify your risks whenever market prices or positions change.

Spread Analysis

Seize pair trading opportunities in the financial market.


Predict one market from the other leading markets.

Custom Index

Generate your own index e.g, Virtual Steel Mill Index comprising of Iron Ore, Coal and Rebar.

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